The Cars and Teams
Pictures from events during my race career  
2010-Current Dennis Murphy's
Pleasure & Pain A/FD
2005 Boise ID.
Right at the hit...It wanted
to smoke the tires...1 quick
pedal and away we go
Faultner Motorsports A/FD  this car has a special meaning
to me in that it was the last Front Motored Spaghetti
Bender Dragster. Bill Faultner allowed me to move up into
A/Fuel and drive a blown alky dragster which was a dream
for as long as I can recall...
Waiting for the
signal to fire up...
Look into the eyes
The Smith and Steinegger A/FD, March Meet
2005...This was a great opportunity to be involved
with a wonderful team and to drive a car designed by
reknowned motorsports artist Kenny Youngblood. To
drive a work of art was something I will cherish and
Fred Smith and his team are 1st class.
Another View of Fred Smith's A/FD. Truely
one of the nicest cars in all of motorsports,
plus I got to meet and spend time with Kenny
Youngblood, to be around the history of the
sport is one of the perks!!
Dennis Murphy's Pleasure and Pain A/FD GoodGuys
Finals 2004...Dennis and I have been friends for a
while through "Fast" Jack Beckman and I finally got
to drive for him...Results #5 qualifier and a semi
final finish...
Scheele & Jennings A/FD I subbed for my buddy
Lee Paul in Las Vegas 2004. This was the 1st
race for the team in A/FD trim after moving up
from NE1. We qualified #15 and improved with
each pass. It was a valuable experience in my
driving career.
:: Photo Album ::
The car that started my Nostalgia
Career "Old Broke Dick Racing
NE1 Digger" Richard took a
chance on me and I owe him so
much...I believe he still rides with
me. We finished #7 in 2004 and
were Runner Up at Sears Point
2008 Boise Nite Fire Nationals
Butch & Terri Blair's FUGOWIE
2009 NHRA Hot Rod Reunion
George Doty's Crazy Horse NFC
2009 National Hot Rod Reunion
Bowling Green KY
Kevin Sine's TroubleMaker F/C
2009 Sacramento Raceways
Governors Cup
Dennis Murphy's Ground Zero F/C
2009 Holy Toledo Jeep Nitro Funny Car
Recognized as one of the most Iconic
Funny Cars in the country.
Dennis Murphy's NEW Pleasure and Pain A-Fueler
An awesome new car showing a TON of potential with a
string of low 6.60's June 2010 at Sac Raceway. Finished
2010 with a all time best of 6.58