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Nostalgia Drag Racing
Driving Your Company to a
Powerful Marketing Position


The NHRA is the largest motor sports organization in the world with approximately 68 million fans worldwide, 85,000 members, and 140 member tracks in 46 states, Puerto Rico, Mexico,
and Canada.  Drag Racing is also very popular in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan (The NHRA gets international fans at many of the major events). NHRA fans develop a strong loyalty to
the products and services that they see at the racetrack; 70% of fans say that they’re more likely to choose sponsor’s products over comparable brands.  
To help preserve NHRA’s rich history and tradition while capitalizing on the success of nostalgia drag racing competition, NHRA formed the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series in 2008
that will crown year-end champions. This series is an exciting step that appeals to racing fans young and old. It is a great way to introduce the younger generation to the history of drag
racing and give fans young and old a glimpse of racing the way it used to be. This series is meant to benefit everyone, from the racers to the fans. It provides a great opportunity to
preserve NHRA’s rich heritage through nostalgia drag racing competition.
Team Sponsorship
A Proven Tactic to Improve a Successful Business

Imagine the impact of a 250mph Nostalgia Jeep Funny Car as a “billboard” for your company and products!  Sponsorship provides premium brand identification on the racecar, team
uniforms, and transporter.

Team sponsorship lays the foundation for a fully incorporated marketing program that can include driver endorsements, trade and consumer advertising, product sales promotions, and
immense public relations opportunities featuring your racecar, driver, and team.

Team sponsorship is the key that opens the door for rewarding corporate hospitality, creative product marketing, and unforgettable VIP entertainment!

Events like car shows or corporate events featuring the race car can increase consumer awareness of your product and increase sales at retail locations!
Key Sponsorship

With a key sponsorship you are going to receive the most exposure possible.  You will obtain all prominent spots on the racecar to display your name and logo.  You will also receive
primary spots on the transporter, tow vehicle, crew uniforms, and the driver’s suit, and merchandise to display your name and logo.  All these key areas will be seen on WebTV, magazine
ads, and driver endorsements.  

Accelerate Your Marketing with Nostalgia Drag Racing
The World’s Coolest Motorsport!

This is sports marketing that makes a lasting impression-in less that six seconds!  The NHRA Heritage/Nostalgia Series is an exhilarating display of awesome power and astounding speed.  
In the entire world of motorsports, only NHRA Heritage & Nostalgia Series Drag Racing delivers the sights, sounds, and demonstration of side-by-side competition at 250 mph!!
The NHRA Heritage / Nostalgia Series is about the business of winning on the racetrack and winning in the marketplace.

The NHRA Heritage / Nostalgia Series events deliver a motivated, focused, and enthusiastic audience with attractive demographics for your company.  It provides a lasting bond between
fans and drivers, and puts its corporate partners in the center of the action.  Driver endorsements can help to increase sales by giving fans someone to identify with and look up to.  Fans
will then associate the driver to your company and products.

With its rapid-fire format, drag racing is a nonstop celebration of speed.  The action is intense and continuous.  Drivers and teams are readily accessible to the fans that cheer for their

Media Exposure multiplies Marketing Opportunities

The internet broadens the world of NHRA Heritage and Nostalgia Series Drag Racing far beyond the racetrack, increasing the exposure for team sponsors tremendously.  Most NHRA
Heritage / Nostalgia Series events are broadcast via the web as a result bringing the events to millions of households.  This coverage has dramatically increased the reach of NHRA Heritage
/ Nostalgia Series Drag Racing. The internet offers a maximization of the sport’s exposure as an electronic showcase of the sport. This new and growing form of race telecast is a cutting
edge technology offering a ground up opportunity of marketing.

Reward you’re employees and Build New Partnerships

The NHRA Heritage / Nostalgia Series offers tremendous opportunities for sponsors to, not only attend the events, but also actually be a part of the action!  Race Team hospitality provides a
unique, high impact experience for our partners and their guests creating an unforgettable affair!

In a very comfortable atmosphere, a sponsor can entertain guests and enjoy the harmony displayed by the race crew as they completely disassemble service and reassemble the racecar
after each run.  

You’ll enjoy a birds eye view of the between round maintenance and marvel at the fans lined up trying to get a peek at the action. It’s a Great way to network with existing and potential

More Exposure for your Money

T.V. Time:
The NHRA has signed a five-year agreement with ESPN and ESPN2 to cover all twenty-four events with three to four hours of coverage a race.  ABC, FOX, TNN, and Speedvision will cover a
portion of the races as well. The NHRA also has it’s own T.V. show, NHRA Race Day, which is aired each week during the season. Nostalgia Races have been featured during the race

Fan Attendance:
On an average the NHRA will see 20,000 racing fan’s a weekend, although there has been up to 40,000 plus fans.  Our fans come from all over the world to see Nostalgia Racings featured
events, the March Meet and California Hot Rod Reunion raced at the famed AutoClub Famoso Raceway outside of Bakersfield CA.

Driver and crewmembers all wear the same uniforms.  These are uniforms that have your name and design clearly printed on them.  They are worn at every N.H.R.A Heritage Series event.

Our transporter is a 30 foot moving billboard that is on the road to and from race and marketing events.  The transporter will prominently display your company name and design.

Radio Advertisements:
All major events are advertised on the radio when the races come to town.  Many ads feature the significant cars attending. This helps to boost fan attendance. The Holy Toledo Jeep has
been used as a feature attraction at numerous events as it is a replica of an original 1970’s Funny Car, and is truly a one of a kind race vehicle. This is a Jeep Thing You Can Understand!!

Magazine Ads:
Other companies that we associate with (by using their trailers, parts, and brands) will picture our car in their ads.  These ads are shown in racing, trade and other associated magazines.
The Holy Toledo Jeep is a favorite of manufactures as well as race promoters for ads.

When fans walk through the pit area at all events, they can pick up handout of their favorite drivers or teams.  Handouts have a picture of the car and driver on the front and information
about the driver, team, and sponsors on the back. We normally place hundreds of handouts into the hands of fans at each event, this is a way to get your information into the hands of fans
attending our events.

Racing shirts, hats, sweatshirts, decals are available to be sold to fans at all race events.  Your name and designs are printed on all items that are sold. This is also a great opportunity to put
company information and coupons into the hands or race fans at each event.

Up Close And Personal:
One of the major advantages that Drag Racing has over NASCAR and all other forms of motor sports is that we get to meet and chat with our fans face to face.  Fans are allowed to enter the
pit area and interact with their favorite drivers and teams at all events. There is also a manufactures midway at every event.

Maximum Exposure at The Races
Racer Jerry Kumre is one of the most recognized, photographed and featured racers in all of Nostalgia Racing. The cars and teams have been featured in Online and print Magazine articles
as well as event flyers, most recently Hot Rod. This also includes, Dragracingonline.com, 1320, CompetitionPlus.com, National Dragster, Drag Racer, GoodGuys Gazette,
Rod & Kulture as well as driver Jerry Kumre Jr. being featured in the movie,
Fast Lane Summer.       http://www.fastlanesummer.com/


There are Nostalgia events held all over the country. At some of the bigger events, like the March Meet and Hot Rod Reunions in Bakersfield, CA and Bowling Green KY, the viewing
audiences alone are above 30-40 thousand fans yearly. On average, race events get an attendance of 20,000 fans at even the smaller events.  It has been proven that racing fans, in general,
use the products that their favorite drivers promote.  All of the racing facilities in the Nostalgia Series are first-class facilities that bring fans back to the hey-day of racing.  

•        The Drag Racing has over 68 Million fans, 70% of which say they are more likely to use sponsors’ products over comparable brands.
•        The NHRA is the largest motorsports organization in the world
•        Gender:  28.3% are female and 71.7% are male
•        Age:  12-24 years (25.7%)
25-34 years (19.6%)
35-44 years (23.6%)
45-54 years (19.3%)
55 + years (11.7%)
•        Household income ranges from:
              $0-$29,999 (32.4%)
              $30K-$49,999 (30.5%)
              $50K-$74,999 (21.3
              $75K-$99,999 (8.9%)
              $100K+ (6.9%)

In closing, we offer more exposure via direct fan contact, Event coverage, collectable items, hand outs, and clothing items than TV commercials, Billboard, and catalogue advertising
combined can offer and we can do it for under $30,000 a year, in many cases for at little as $1500.00 per event.     

So come and join our great American sport!


Thank you for your attention,

Jerry Kumre Jr.
Drag Racer