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Harness The Power of Motorsports.

Thousands upon thousands of fans are watching and attending. The growth of Motorsports can be largely
attributed to the intense Brand Loyalty exhibited by the fans. Corporations can drive them wild with motorsports.
As lifestyle groups become more fragmented, it is increasingly difficult to deliver your message effectively. New
options appear daily and with so many choices, capturing the loyalty of an overexposed consumer is a tricky
proposition. Motorsports marketing offers corporations the unique opportunity to simultaneously influence
employees, the trade and consumers.

Simply stated, motorsports is the fastest growing sport in the world - by any measure. In the last five years,
attendance growth for motorsports has been more than triple that of Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NFL, and
the NHL - combined.
Completing the picture is the growth in motorsports licensed merchandise sales, which have doubled since 1997,
now topping the $1.5 billion mark.

 65% attendance growth since 1995
 20% television ratings growth since 1995 (both network and cable)
 Average attendance is triple that of Major League Baseball
 Longest season in professional sports

To ignore the most brand-loyal fan base in all professional sports could be the biggest mistake a company can
make. 72% of racing fans indicate they actively purchase the products of a sponsor - double that of the NFL or the
NBA. Millions of impressions via live attendance position the sponsor brands at the top of consumer's minds.

 More Fortune 500 companies participate in motorsports than any other sport
 Promote to the most brand-conscious and brand-loyal audience in sports
 48% are more likely to purchase because of an association with motorsports
 45% will try a brand for the first time because of a motorsports tie-in
 42% of consumers support brand promotions because of motorsports

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